Digital Processing of  Incoming Invoices made EASY

Make small miracles come true with AP automation.

Invoice Automation: The bare facts

We all know that the manual entry of incoming invoices leads to a higher expenditure of time. While working from home has its benefits, without immediate access to documents the approval process is taking longer, and unpaid invoices are getting lost, which is why automating the invoice process is one of the top priorities for many businesses. So why should you implement a digital strategy? Quite simply, Invoice automation provides you with greater control, reduces manual work and improves accuracy. 

Digital but EASY

How far are you through your digital journey?

In a recent webinar we asked our attendees a series of questions. We found that 75% of participants were at the early to mid stage of their digital journey where as only 8% of businesses are at the mature stage. And when asked what their main pain points were, the majority answered inaccurate data input followed by poor visibility of processes. Does this sounds familiar to you? 

What’s your organisation’s current level of automation?


Little or no automation


Early to medium stage


Mature Stage

What is your biggest AP challenge?


Delayed Payments


Inaccurate Data Input


Delayed Payments


Duplicates Wasting Times


All of the Above

Is now the perfect time to get ahead of the game and implement a digital strategy?

Where to start?

The choice of a suitable invoice management system for your company should not be made without prior consideration. It is important that you should ask yourself some prime questions and answer them honestly. Here are some examples:


Where are you experiencing issues in your processes?

How are your processes failing? What do they look like?


What is your average single invoice processing time?

What format are these invoices arriving in? What page volume do you process? (Number of pages per invoice)


What is your ERP system, and where is it located? (Cloud, SaaS, On Premise)

How many “tenants” or Companies are in your ERP? Are you planning to migrate data from any legacy systems?


How many people will need to use the new solution, including Approvers?

How often will they access the system (daily, weekly, monthly)? Are you looking for more staff to cope with demand?

For a full list please contact us, we can support you determine your business needs. 

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